Anna Brightman: Pioneering Sustainable Skincare with UpCircle Beauty™

The UpCircle Journey to Sustainable Skincare

In the heart of London, Anna Brightman, the Co-Founder of UpCircle Beauty™, embarked on a journey that would transform the skincare industry.

It all began with a simple question posed to a local coffee shop: what did they do with their waste coffee grounds?

Shocked to learn that the coffee was destined for landfills, Anna Brightman, once an aspiring makeup artist with a lifelong passion for skincare, saw an opportunity to repurpose this abundant resource into sustainable skincare products. Thus, UpCircle Beauty™ was born, with a mission to create circular skincare that not only nurtured the skin but also protected the planet.

From humble beginnings, collecting coffee grounds from one coffee shop, UpCircle Beauty™ has grown exponentially. They now partner with hundreds of coffee houses across London, turning what was once waste into valuable skincare ingredients. What started with upcycling coffee has evolved into upcycling over 50 by-product ingredients into their circular skincare range. With a team of 20 passionate individuals, predominantly women, UpCircle Beauty™ has experienced remarkable growth without significant investment, a testament to their dedication and innovative approach.

Sustainable or Eco-Friendly Products:

At UpCircle Beauty™, every product tells a unique story of sustainability and eco-friendliness. From face and body care to hair care and accessories, their range is as diverse as it is planet-friendly.

For instance, their Cleansing Bars are crafted using residual chai spices, a by-product of the tea industry. These spices, sourced from a family-run chai company in the UK, infuse the soaps with their aromatic blend of nutmeg, vanilla, ginger, and cloves. Similarly, their Shampoo Crème, launched in 2023, has become a fan favorite, showcasing their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Certified by B Corp, The Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny, Soil Association, and COSMOS, UpCircle Beauty™ products uphold the highest standards of sustainability and ethics. From being plastic-negative to using organic ingredients, they set a new standard for eco-conscious beauty.

In addition to their existing range, UpCircle Beauty™ continues to innovate. Their recent foray into haircare with the Shampoo Crème marked a significant milestone, garnering widespread acclaim. This year, they’re set to launch a deodorant, water-based peptide serum, and color cosmetics, further expanding their sustainable offerings.

Certified by B Corp, vegan by The Vegan Society, cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, Plastic Negative, and organic by Soil Association and COSMOS, UpCircle Beauty™ exemplifies a commitment to ethical and transparent practices. Their products not only deliver exceptional results but also uphold the highest standards of sustainability.

Beyond her work with UpCircle Beauty™, Anna leads by example in her personal life. Cycling everywhere and minimizing food waste are among her eco-friendly habits. While she acknowledges her penchant for buying new clothing, Anna emphasizes the importance of making conscious choices without succumbing to guilt. She believes that collective action, rather than individual perfection, is key to protecting the planet.

In a world where sustainability is paramount, Anna Brightman and UpCircle Beauty™ stand as pioneers, revolutionizing skincare one upcycled ingredient at a time. Through their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to the planet, they inspire a new era of conscious beauty, proving that skincare can be both luxurious and eco-friendly. As they continue to grow and evolve, UpCircle Beauty™ remains at the forefront of the green beauty movement, offering a glimpse into a brighter, more sustainable future for skincare.

Credits: upcirclebeauty

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