Cool Cabbage: Nature’s Healing

Discover the Magic of Cabbage Extract Gel that Soothes Your Breasts, Without the Mess

Every woman has experienced tender, sore breasts at some point in her life. Whether it’s because of menstruation, breastfeeding, or hormonal changes, it’s a discomfort that can affect daily activities.

Two Polish mothers, Agnieszka and Anna, decided to use their ancestral knowledge of the power of cabbage to their advantage. They found a way to harness the healing power of cabbage to create an easy-to-use, quick absorptive, and cooling gel named Cool Cabbage to soothe tender breasts, without the mess.

The duo’s inspiration is rooted in the Polish belief in the natural power of cabbage. They discovered that many women place cold cabbage leaves on their breasts to ease discomfort, and this method is particularly popular with new mothers. With their personal experience of using cool cabbage leaves to soothe soreness during breastfeeding journeys, the duo embarked on a mission to bottle the goodness of cabbage in a small jar.

Over five years of breastfeeding and three beautiful girls, Agnieszka has become an expert on breastfeeding. She discovered that soaking and crushing cabbage leaves to use as a compress eased the soreness. However, dealing with the mess of cabbage leaves and the stains was too much. Thus, the idea of developing a gel-like consistency that retains all the goodness in cabbage came to life.

After thorough research and input from researchers and chemists, they developed the Cool Cabbage gel. The gel is made of cabbage leaf extract patented by a Polish Institute, which has a calming effect and DEFENSIL-PLUS, a powerful composition of the oil and plant extracts that revitalizes the skin. The elevated cooling effect is achieved by adding menthyl and peppermint, which make the product even more effective. The gel is easy-to-apply, quickly absorbed and provides an instant cooling effect.

“Cool Cabbage gel helps to reduce the pain and swelling during breastfeeding, but it can also be used as a natural remedy for menstrual breast pain ” says Anna.

A satisfied customer, Anna G. from Kensington, rated there product 5 stars and commented, “Great for breastfeeding mums. This gel is nicely refreshing. I left it in the fridge overnight. Massaged a few times already when my breasts were getting tender.”

Another testimonial comes from Maria from London, who also gave them a 5-star rating. She shared, “At first I was a bit sceptical because I hadn’t heard about the cabbage compress before. I have used it for 4 days and I can feel the difference now. They are more comfortable now and I love the cooling effect. I am very happy I found it!”

Cool Cabbage gel, the ultimate solution for soothing tender breasts, is quickly gaining attention from users worldwide. The gel provides a natural way to soothe your discomfort and promote peace of mind. By choosing Cool Cabbage gel, you can rest easy knowing that a natural and safe solution is available for your breast care needs.

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