Discover the Journey of Skin Solved: A Healing Oasis for Healthy Skincare

In the world of skincare, finding the perfect balance between nourishment and gentleness is a quest for many. Meet Barbara, the founder of Skin Solved, a British skincare brand that has taken the healing and wellness scene by storm. Barbara’s personal journey began in 2015 when she couldn’t find products suitable for her sensitive and dry skin. Determined to find a solution, she embarked on a mission to create her own line of skincare goods.

Inspired by her interest in natural therapies like homeopathy and naturopathy, Barbara was determined to develop products using the healing powers of natural ingredients. Through extensive research, she discovered the remarkable benefits of essential oils, which nourished and cared for her skin without causing any sensitivity issues.

Over the years, Barbara’s homemade creams gained popularity among her family and friends as cherished gifts. In September 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Barbara realized that her creations could benefit a larger audience. Encouraged by the positive response, she decided to turn her passion into a full-fledged business, leveraging the knowledge and expertise she had acquired over the years.

Months of meticulous planning followed, involving researching company names, sourcing suitable containers, labels, and packaging. By November, Barbara was ready to launch her brand, Skin Solved, with two different body butters. She kick-started her venture using the power of social media marketing, relying on Facebook and word-of-mouth to spread the word. The response was overwhelming, with over 90 sales by Christmas, many of whom remain loyal customers to this day.

However, as Barbara delved deeper into the skincare industry, she encountered a crucial lesson in product safety. A chance remark on Facebook alerted her to the need for pre-selling product testing. Realizing the importance of ensuring the absolute safety of her formulations, Barbara withdrew her products from the market and sought out a reputable testing company. Through collaboration with a university, she discovered a reliable partner and sent her formulas for rigorous testing, uncovering additional compliance requirements, such as the use of Latin ingredient names on labels. Though this proved to be an expensive endeavor, Barbara embraced it as an invaluable learning experience, gaining insights that would set Skin Solved on a path of excellence.

By August 2021, armed with compliant labels, an online store, and a schedule of regular craft markets, Barbara was ready to relaunch Skin Solved. The brand had expanded its product range to include not only body butters but also body balms catering to more diverse skincare needs. Eager to enhance her expertise, Barbara pursued a Diploma in Aromatherapy in October 2021, further solidifying her commitment to offering holistic solutions. Her product range now includes baby creams, a serum, and a body butter without essential oils for those on medication. Additionally, customers can opt for personalized Pamper Baskets, thoughtfully curated with the customer’s choice of products.

In June 2022, Barbara illuminated Skin Solved with a fresh look, unveiling new containers, labels, and a professionally designed website. With a focus on customer-centricity, Barbara’s strength lies in providing personalized skincare solutions, adapting formulas to meet individual needs, and ensuring safety and satisfaction.

Skin Solved stands out not only for its dedication to addressing specific skincare concerns but also for its commitment to sustainability. Barbara firmly believes that pure, natural skincare should be accessible to all, which is reflected in Skin Solved’s affordable price points. In keeping with her values, Barbara donates 5% of every sale to the British Heart Foundation, a charity close to her heart.

Building on her success, Barbara continues to expand her business, forging partnerships with tattoo artists and beauty parlors that appreciate the transformative effects of Skin Solved’s products. She eagerly seeks new craft markets and collaborations, nurturing her vision of spreading the healing powers of her skincare brand far and wide.

References and Source Credits: Skin Solved

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