Empowering Females Through Hormone Health and Natural Transitions

Nina Ward, CEO of Butterflies

Meet Nina Ward, the visionary force behind BUTTERFLIES. A decade ago, Nina grappled with postnatal depression, feeling like she was barely treading water. Concerned about her well-being and future pregnancies, she sought help from her GP, who prescribed a contraceptive injection. After just three doses, Nina and her husband decided to expand their family again, but her menstrual cycle failed to return.

Refusing conventional hormone therapy, Nina delved into research on the endocrine system, devouring medical literature and attending lectures. She explored holistic healing, finding relief through Ayurvedic herbs recommended by a friend. Embracing diverse healing practices, Nina trained as a Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, deepening her understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Reflecting on her journey, Nina pondered how her choices might have differed with earlier access to this knowledge. The resounding realization birthed BUTTERFLIES, an endeavor driven by a passion to inform, support, and empower young girls navigating womanhood.

The butterfly symbolizes transformation, mirroring the profound changes of puberty and menopause—key gateways in a woman’s life. Nina aims to challenge outdated perceptions surrounding hormone health, shifting the dialogue from fertility-centric to embracing the holistic transitions of womanhood. BUTTERFLIES represents her contribution to reshaping these narratives, fostering understanding, and empowerment.

Adolescence can often feel like an intimidating and isolating period, characterized by unfamiliar physical, mental, and emotional changes. Butterflies addresses these challenges head-on, fostering an understanding that these changes are normal and providing a supportive community. Through regular meetings, a comprehensive curriculum is covered in a spiral manner, exploring topics such as the changing body, the endocrine system, reproductive anatomy, menstruation, emotional intelligence, mental health, and wellbeing. Additionally, Butterflies encourages exploration of natural, organic, and sustainable options for pain management, sanitary wear, skincare, and haircare.

Beyond their core teachings, Butterflies champions self-exploration and expression, partnering with organizations and charities to facilitate unique and creative experiences for the girls. Notably, the organization has facilitated a profound shift, with some girls exhibiting a greater understanding of reproductive anatomy and health management than their own mothers.

As word spread about Butterflies, Nina discovered a pressing need for menopause support among older female relatives facing similar challenges. In response, she expanded the organization’s offerings to include menopause support workshops and tailored consultations. Menopause can be a daunting and isolating period, rife with physical, mental, and emotional changes. However, through Butterflies, women gain solace in knowing that these changes are common and that they are not alone.

Nina’s consultations offer a comprehensive approach, drawing on both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives. By understanding the natural physiological processes taking place and adopting natural approaches, women transition with greater ease and find relief from symptoms. The consultations cater to a broad spectrum of women, from those in crisis to post-menopausal individuals seeking minor symptom relief, and those approaching perimenopause desiring insights into their unique constitution and lifestyle adjustments. In recognition of the global reach of her work, Nina now offers online consultations, extending her support to both UK-based and international clients.

In our modern age, many of our habits, routines, and consumption choices undermine our health potential. Nina’s mission is to inform, support, and empower females, offering a refreshing perspective by redefining these two transformative stages with positive and affirming language. Butterflies encourages informed decision-making, enabling individuals to navigate puberty and menopause in the most natural and personalized ways possible.

To learn more about Butterflies, its resources, and the transformative work carried out by Nina Ward, visit their website here. For consultations and holistic healing services, explore Nina’s practice at NWT Holistic Healing.

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