Empowering Wellness: Claire’s Inspiring Journey to Heal Through Yoga

How one dedicated teacher found her calling in helping children and families through the transformative power of yoga.

Empower children and families – through the healing wonders of yoga

In a bustling corner of Manchester, a remarkable woman named Claire has embarked on a mission to empower children and families through the healing wonders of yoga. As a mother of two and a seasoned primary school teacher, Claire’s journey towards holistic well-being has evolved into an inspiring tale of resilience, dedication, and the pursuit of inner peace.

Claire Ash

Courageous Decision

Claire’s story begins when she made the courageous decision to take a career break, seeking a change that her current employer couldn’t provide. Little did she know that this leap of faith would lead her to a path of self-discovery and a passion for helping others navigate the complexities of life.

Impact of Anxiety on Children and Families

Yoga With Family – Green shoots Yoga

Yoga had already been a guiding force in Claire’s life, providing her with a sanctuary to manage her own stress levels. As a teacher, she had witnessed firsthand the impact of anxiety on children and families. It was during this reflective period that Claire recognized her desire to make a difference and discovered the perfect opportunity to merge her love for yoga with her teaching expertise.

In 2006, Claire embarked on a yoga and mindfulness course, equipping her with the tools to help children regain a sense of control in their lives. She started teaching yoga in after-school clubs and primary school breakfast clubs, fostering an environment where young minds could find solace and develop inner strength.


But life had a surprise in store, throwing Claire a curveball in the form of a sudden illness that required emergency appendix removal. During her three-month recovery, unable to practice her usual yoga routine, Claire delved deeper into the world of mindfulness and meditation. This exploration led her to discover the fascinating realm of neuroscience and the overwhelming evidence supporting the benefits of incorporating mindful activities into daily life.

60-hour Teen Yoga Course

Fuelled by a newfound passion, Claire continued her educational journey by completing a 60-hour Teen yoga course, expanding her expertise and enriching her teaching methods. But she didn’t stop there. Claire also undertook a Trauma Sensitive Course, enabling her to understand the profound impact trauma can have on the mind and body. Armed with this knowledge, she now offers sensitive postures that provide a safe space for trauma survivors to embark on their own healing journey.

Claire’s impact extends beyond her own family as she currently works in two local primary schools, wholeheartedly teaching yoga and promoting well-being to entire year groups, as well as launching small intervention groups. She also shares her wisdom through emotional literature classes, catering to children with specific needs such as separation anxiety, ASD, or general anxiety.

Yoga With Family – Green shoots Yoga

Her dedication and commitment have resulted in the creation of popular half-term sessions for parents and their children, where families can come together to experience the transformative power of yoga as a unit. Additionally, she runs specialized sessions on Saturday mornings for tweens and teens, providing them with a fertile ground to embrace harmony and balance amidst the challenges of adolescence.

Power of Yoga to Heal and Empower.

Claire’s journey is one of passion, determination, and the unwavering belief in the power of yoga to heal and empower. Through her teachings, she aspires to help children and families regain control of their emotions and manage stress levels, fostering an environment of tranquility and resilience.

Join Claire on this extraordinary voyage of self-discovery, where transformation is just a breath away. Embrace the healing wonders of yoga and embark on your own journey towards wellness and fulfillment.

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