Healing and Wellness: An Inspiring Journey with Sharon Psychic Medium

Exploring the Power of Intuition and Personal Growth

In a remarkable tale of self-discovery and spiritual growth, Sharon Psychic Medium shares her fascinating journey of healing and wellness. Born and raised in Essex, Sharon’s path to becoming a trusted source for psychic tarot readings and coaching has been shaped by a series of transformative experiences.

Losing her brother to cancer at a young age awakened Sharon to the realm of the afterlife, igniting a desire to connect with and support others. As she delved deeper into her exploration, Sharon discovered her affinity for tarot cards. At just sixteen years old, her mother gifted her a pack, unknowingly setting off a chain of events that would forever change Sharon’s life.

Engrossed in the mysteries of tarot, Sharon found herself consumed by a powerful force. Recognizing the intensity of this possession, her parents sought the aid of a local vicar, who blessed her bedroom with holy water. The need to cleanse her surroundings became apparent, leading to the burning of the tarot deck. As the deck turned to ash, the house’s electricity faltered, and an enigmatic black cat appeared, taking its place beside her father. It was a moment of profound significance, leaving an indelible mark on Sharon’s spiritual journey.

Drawing from her personal experiences, Sharon offers invaluable advice to those embarking on their own wellness path.

 “My advise to those starting out in wellness is be prepared for a journey and trust your intuition of what feels right and what feels wrong.  Be guided by what you feel is the correct path.  Always learn with what feels comfortable and not what others tell you to do or how to.  If social media tells you to meditate this is not always the right path for the individual and may cause headaches or illness.  This does not mean you will not be able to follow a spiritual path it just means that this is not suitable for you so find alternative approaches.”

As we peer into the future of wellness, Sharon envisions a landscape perpetually in flux. The ever-changing nature of the industry demands adaptability and an attunement to shifting energies and transitions. Each year brings forth its own focus, be it healing, manifestation, or unexpected shifts. In the wake of the pandemic, the need for healing has taken center stage, with lightworkers increasingly utilizing crystal work and moon rituals for protection. Sharon emphasizes the vital importance of self-care and fortitude among lightworkers, ensuring they are robust enough to support others on their own wellness journeys.

Sharon Psychic Medium’s story is one of resilience, growth, and an unyielding passion to inspire others. Her Essex Spiritual Centre continues to be a trusted sanctuary for those seeking spiritual guidance, healing, and personal transformation.

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