How An Occupational Therapist’s Love For Yoga Became A Healing Journey

Jeanette Runnings

Discover Jeanette Runnings’ Inspiring Story Of Bridging Wellness And Special Needs

Jeanette Runnings has been an occupational therapist for over 30 years, working with children with developmental disabilities to help them reach their full potential. In 2005, Jeanette took a yoga class and realized that it held benefits beyond just her own personal wellbeing; yoga could help her work with special needs children too. From there, she pursued training in kids yoga and developed the Yoga-Yingo game series, which introduced the benefits of yoga to children and families in a fun and educational game format.

Yoga-Yingo game series
Yoga-Yingo game series

As Jeanette continued her yoga journey and her yoga teacher training, she expanded her teachings to adults and seniors, making her wellness knowledge accessible to more people. Over the years, she has taken various certifications and trainings, which she now imparts to her students in different wellness programs.

One of Jeanette’s most memorable experiences happened during this time of year. A special needs child in one of her classes thanked her for introducing yoga into their lives. Sadly, the child passed away just a few days later in a plane crash, which made Jeanette appreciate the importance of thank-you’s given and received.

For those beginning a wellness journey, Jeanette advises to pace yourself and be open to new ideas. She continues to learn from her students and fellow teachers and emphasizes the need to surround oneself with people who support and motivate their efforts.

Looking into the future of wellness and spiritual healing, Jeanette sees growth and an expansion of sound healing, which has captured her attention. She is excited about how chanting has become increasingly mainstream and acceptable over the years. She recounts how 20 years ago, she was advised not to call what she was doing “yoga” but rather “movement and breath.” Today, the world has progressed, and she is glad to see that people have become more open-minded and accepting of different wellness practices.

Jeanette’s story is a testament to how love and dedication can transform hobbies into life-changing practices. By bridging her love for yoga and her occupational therapy background, she has opened doors for special needs children and adults alike. Jeanette’s journey continues, and her teachings remain an inspiration.

Source : Jeanette’s website – Yoga Yingo

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