La Viva Yoga: The Transformational Journey of Resilience and Self-Discovery

Sylwia- Founder of La Viva Yoga

Welcome to the vibrant community of La Viva Yoga, a haven of holistic wellness, healing, and self-discovery led by the remarkable Sylwia. Based in Lymington, Sylwia’s journey towards inner peace and harmony began as a fusion of creativity and scientific diligence with a deep interest in yoga and its transformative effects on mind, body, and soul.

Sylwia’s passion for yoga didn’t end with her personal practice and she began to delve deep into the ancient knowledge of India. Her pursuit took her on an awe-inspiring journey to become a certified yoga teacher and to learn the authentic and traditional ways of yoga. Combining her skills in graphic design, Sylwia’s approach to holistic wellness is unique in its combination of yoga therapy and mindset coaching.

Through La Viva Yoga, Sylwia offers customized services, fitting individuals’ personal needs and goals. Clients have access to group and private yoga sessions, mindset coaching, retreats, events, and soon-to-launch online courses. Sylwia’s services focus on enhancing body awareness, energetic frequency, self-acceptance, and mindfulness, providing a personalized approach to guiding individuals towards self-realization and healing themselves through conscious breath and awareness practices in their day-to-day life.

“At La Viva Yoga, the name itself adds meaning to the core value of my work, which is to bring harmony to a happy and long life,” says Sylwia, encapsulating her approach to wellness. Her services work on all levels, promoting mental and physical health and energy, self-confidence, and resilience.

Sylwia’s services have helped people achieve remarkable transformations in their life. Her 30-day live yoga challenge, for example, has brought visible results in improving healthy habits, resilient discipline, and self-care along with growing self-awareness. “I try to innovate and think outside the box to bring the offerings that will truly make a difference in people’s lives,” says Sylwia, reflecting on her dedication to helping people live better lives through wellness practices.

La Viva Yoga is more than just a yoga studio: it’s a community of people seeking to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. Sylwia’s commitment and unique blend of yoga therapy and mindset coaching have helped many people achieve remarkable transformations in their personal life.

In a society rife with distractions and a constant barrage of influence, Sylwia strongly advises, “It’s important to slow down and allow ourselves time and space for self-reflection.” She encourages her clients to connect with their roots, true passions, and the aspects of their life that make them happy and fulfilled. Slowing down allows us to unlock our potential, and become the better version of ourselves.

Join Sylwia on her transformative journey towards harmony and self-discovery, and experience the inner peace that so many have found through La Viva Yoga.

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