“Little Sunshine Yoga”: The Yoga Initiative That’s Empowering British Schoolchildren

Katie Scott is a woman on a mission.

Katie Scott
Katie Scott

A qualified primary teacher and yoga practitioner with almost thirty years of experience working with children in the UK, Katie is the driving force behind the transformative Little Sunshine Yoga initiative.

For the past seven years, Katie has been delivering Little Sunshine’s accredited teacher training courses, as well as providing self-esteem programs, mindfulness techniques, and meditation practices in schools throughout the North West of England. Little Sunshine’s sessions are designed to help improve children’s self-esteem and interpersonal relationships, strengthen resilience, and teach effective tools for managing stress.

Since starting her yoga journey many years ago, Katie has been an advocate for the benefits of mindfulness and yoga on children’s emotional well-being. Her passion for creativity fuels her commitment to exploring and designing classroom environments that prioritize the mental health and needs of neurodiverse children in the UK.

Katie Scott

Katie’s dedication to mindfulness in schools has not gone unnoticed. “Taking Worry out of the Classroom: Volume 1” and “Taking Worry out of the Classroom: Volume 2,” two books authored by Katie, have been published and lauded. Additionally, her pedagogy has improved education for children across numerous schools in the region.

Katie’s concept, embodied by Little Sunshine Yoga, has proven itself time and again. Katie’s program has empowered countless children with the confidence, skills, and tools needed to manage the challenges of school and build a foundation of emotional health and resilience that will serve them into adulthood.

Indeed, Katie sees beyond the present day and into a future where mindfulness is deeply ingrained in the UK’s educational ethos. She envisions a world where every school has a teacher designated to focus on children’s emotional development and purpose.


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