London DE: A Shining Beacon of Ethical Gemstones and Bespoke Jewelry

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Discover the world of London DE, the UK’s premier supplier of certified gemstones and bespoke jewelry, committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices.

London De, the UK’s leading supplier of certified diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other gemstones, has recently expanded its business to promote a more mindful approach to life by incorporating gemstones into its bespoke jewelry offerings. With the so-called ‘wellness’ trend gaining momentum, it’s not surprising that people are searching for healing properties and benefits in every avenue possible – and it looks like London De is leading the charge.

Founded in 2013 by Philip Spencer, London DE has quickly gained recognition on a global scale for its ethical, sustainable, and conscious approach to business. With its workshops located in London’s iconic Hatton Garden, the brand provides unique valuable gems and beautiful bespoke jewelry with an emphasis on transparency, traceability, and accountability.

Ethically sourcing its fine materials isn’t just a matter of corporate social responsibility for London De, it’s an essential part of the brand’s identity. As Philip Spencer himself says, “we ensure that you enjoy gemstones and jewelry that are both exquisite and ethical.”

The company’s commitment to the ethical mining of materials shines through in their Colombian subsidiary, London DE SAS, which opened in 2020. The office, based in the heart of Bogota’s emerald district, allows London DE to buy and cut stones directly from the source, ensuring transparency, traceability, and accountability by cutting out harmful middlemen in the supply chain.

London De has also taken steps towards sustainability, with paperless offices and minimizing their carbon footprint by working with local businesses and workshops in London. In Colombia, the company employs local craftspeople fairly and equitably at the company’s workshop.

The brand’s unique relationships and lean business model have enabled them to offer gemstones and bespoke jewelry at affordable prices, without compromising quality. While the brand focuses primarily on trading and manufacturing the finest gemstones, they’ve also capitalized on the wellness market’s trend, incorporating gemstones into their bespoke jewelry offerings.

At London DE, these precious gemstones are “believed to hold spiritual and healing properties” and can help soothe the soul, which many people are looking for after the stresses of the past few years. The benefits of gemstones aren’t just based on belief – scientific studies have shown that gemstones emit different frequencies of energy that can affect our well-being.

It’s easy to see that London DE’s mission of delivering gemstones and beautiful jewelry to clients goes beyond simply providing stunning pieces. They’re helping people discover the benefits of healing through gemstones, all while promoting ethical practices.

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