Mental Strength: Discover the Habits of the Mentally Strong

Embrace Change, Face Your Fears, and Find Happiness with These Powerful Strategies

In a world filled with challenges and setbacks, it takes a mentally strong individual to rise above and find success. We all have the ability to train our brains for happiness and unlock our true potential, and that is exactly what best-selling author Amy Morin explores in her empowering book, “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.”

Amy Morin, a former psychotherapist with a unique perspective on human strength and resilience, shares her personal journey from grieving to healing and harnessing the power of mental strength. Through her experiences and research, she identifies thirteen common habits that hinder personal growth and provide practical strategies to overcome them.

We delve into the chapters that unravel the secrets behind becoming mentally tough and finding true happiness. From wasting time feeling sorry for oneself to giving away power and shying away from change, each topic holds valuable lessons that are essential for unlocking our full potential.

Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves

In “Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves,” Morin showcases the remarkable power of gratitude as a tool for personal growth. She draws inspiration from Marla Runyan, an extraordinary athlete who refused to let her degenerative eye disease define her. Morin explains, “Many people dwell on what life takes away from them instead of being grateful for what life has given them. But did you know that gratitude can improve your physical health?” Researches reveals that gratitude not only enhances our emotional well-being but also boosts our overall physical health. It’s a profound reminder that acknowledging the good in our lives can be a transformative practice.

Giving Away Their Power.

Our second stop uncovers the habit of “Giving Away Their Power.” Too often, we allow others to influence our thoughts and emotions, but mentally strong people like Oprah Winfrey teach us that we hold the power over our own lives. Despite a history of abuse and adversity, Winfrey’s journey from poverty to becoming one of the most influential talk show hosts exemplifies the power of forgiveness and taking control of our feelings. Morin explains, “One of the biggest factors in taking control of your feelings is forgiveness.” Studies have shown that forgiveness not only reduces blood pressure but also leads to longer and healthier lives.

Shy Away From Change.

Next, we address the fear of change in “Shy Away From Change.” By examining the life of Judge Greg Mathis, Morin showcases that embracing change is pivotal for personal growth. Following a troublesome adolescence and being barred from becoming a lawyer due to his criminal past, Mathis leveraged every obstacle to change himself and serve the community. Morin emphasizes that change is not only essential but also a five-step process of breaking free from the shackles of our past and embracing a brighter future.

As we journey through Morin’s insights, it becomes evident that mental strength is a invaluable and transformative attribute. Our minds have the power to shape our reality, control our emotions, and navigate the challenges that life throws our way. By adopting the habits of mentally strong individuals and nurturing our mental well-being, we can truly unlock our greatest potential.

This empowering article was inspired by Amy Morin’s book, “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”. We invite you to discover more about this remarkable book and start your journey towards mental strength and happiness.

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