Shamanic Healing: Unleashing the Power of Spirit and Art

Vanessa (Ness) Lee’s Journey to Wholeness and Empowerment

In the beautiful County of Suffolk resides an extraordinary woman, Vanessa Lee, known to many as Ness. Formerly immersed in the captivating world of Theatre and Television, Vanessa experienced a life-altering event that forever transformed her perspective on healing and wellness. Through her remarkable journey of self-discovery, she not only found solace but also uncovered hidden depths within herself, ultimately paving the way for the birth of Tiger Tiger Healing—a nurturing haven for those seeking to heal and rediscover their true selves.

Vanessa’s path to healing began with a spontaneous and awe-inspiring Shamanic experience. In that pivotal moment, she was granted access to profound knowledge and understanding that surpassed the constraints of the physical world. This newfound awareness allowed her to embark on a journey of forgiveness and physical healing, mending the wounds of past trauma. Yet, the experiences didn’t cease there; they persisted, intense and at times even shocking. Vanessa found herself receiving spontaneous soul retrievals from the spirit realm, and an insatiable desire arose within her to visually capture the vibrant beauty of the spiritual realm that had revealed itself to her.

Guided by her crown chakra revelation, Vanessa connected with a supportive yoga teacher who not only embraced her burgeoning mediumship skills but also encouraged her to explore her newfound psychic abilities. As her spiritual journey unfolded, Ness crossed paths with a Shamanic Art teacher, embarking on 3.5 years of study. Equipped with profound wisdom and artistic prowess, she founded Tiger Tiger Healing—an oasis dedicated to assisting others who have embarked on similar spiritual quests and fostering a loving community of kindred spirits.

One of Vanessa’s enigmatic practices involves drawing or creating intricate totems as a way of honoring the messages she receives from spirit animals and human form guides. These creations hold tremendous power and transcend artistic boundaries, serving as practical items like clothes, bags, duvet covers, and ceremonial costumes. It is within these sacred objects that the ethereal energy encapsulated by Vanessa’s artwork truly shines. She attributes their lasting impact not to technical brilliance, but rather to their ability to honor the spiritual realm and the potency of their existence.

A glimpse into Ness’s Shamanic Art pieces reveals the captivating fusion of form and spirit.

Before accepting a client, Vanessa embarks on a spiritual journey of her own, using a drum to access the spirit world. Seeking guidance from her animal, ancestral, human, and angelic guides, she poses questions on how she can best assist each individual. Synchronistically following the advice she receives has yielded astonishingly helpful results, even if the full meaning of the messages eludes her until her clients share their experiences. These encounters often these encounters often involve reuniting fragmented soul parts and reconnecting individuals with their spirit animal, in order to re gain a sense of wholeness.

A typical healing session under Vanessa’s gentle guidance starts with grounding exercises, nature walks, and the creation of an altar. Pranayama and asana practices help participants connect with their chakras and delve deep into their subtle bodies. With seamless grace, Vanessa facilitates Shamanic healings, reuniting clients with supportive animal spirits or soul parts that offer assistance. The transformative experience concludes with the sharing of delicious and nourishing vegan meals, exchanged stories of healing, and a profound sense of communal connection. With her clients’ well-being in mind, Vanessa ensures they receive detailed healing notes tailored to their individual needs, inspired by the guidance bestowed upon her during and after the session.

Vanessa’s passion for assisting others extends beyond her one-on-one healing sessions. She orchestrates retreats in serene Suffolk and captivating Spain, as well as workshops at various festivals. At these immersive events, participants learn to embark on their own spiritual journeys, forging connections with their personal spirit guides. This newfound empowerment enables them to continue their healing endeavors independently, guided by direct revelations from the spiritual realm. Nestled within these retreats is a vibrant community representing diverse ages and nationalities, unified by shared principles of living kindly and embracing the yogic way of life.

Witness the astounding power of Shamanic healing and artistry through Vanessa’s compelling story of personal growth, forgiveness, and spiritual revelation. Immerse yourself in the world of Tiger Tiger Healing and embark on a journey that will forever transform your understanding of wellness and wholeness.


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