SHEVEGA: The Plant-powered Solution for Happy, Healthy Pets

Meet the brand on a mission to change the pet food industry for good

In a world where pet nutrition is increasingly under the microscope, SHEVEGA is at the forefront of a plant-based revolution. Two female co-founders, Ruby and Malina, have a clear mission: to empower pet guardians to nourish their furry friends with healthy, nutritious meals, regardless of their dietary preferences or restrictions.

With a focus on veterinary nutrition, law, ethics, and sustainability, Ruby and Malina are experts in their fields and authors of “Modified Human Diets for Dogs.” The duo is passionate about sharing the art of plant-based nutrition with pet owners, backed by scientific research and facts.

SHEVEGA is not just about providing supplements; it’s about educating pet guardians on how to create delicious plant-based meals for both themselves and their pets.

The brand offers a range of courses, podcasts, videos, and blogs, all designed to guide pet guardians on a more compassionate, mindful, and sustainable path.

The SHEVEGA community is full of like-minded individuals who share the founders’ values. Together, they seek a more resilient and eco-friendly future by reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing the human-animal bond.

Sustainability and reducing our environmental impact lie at the heart of SHEVEGA’s values. The brand emphasizes that every meal can feed both humans and pets, making a significant difference in our carbon and paw prints. By choosing SHEVEGA, pet owners actively contribute to creating a more sustainable future for both themselves and their pets.

The SHEVEGA mission is evident: Disrupt traditional thinking around meat consumption, pets’ health, and the pet food industry. The brand offers a range of supplements and plant-based diets designed and tested by experts, backed by science and expertise.

According to a national pet wellness survey, over 90% of pet owners believed their pet’s nutrition was important to their overall health. By joining the movement towards plant-based diets, pet guardians can improve the health and wellbeing of their furry friends.


With SHEVEGA supplements and courses, pet guardians can feed their pets with confidence, knowing they have the scientific backing they need. By taking a more holistic approach to pet nutrition, pet guardians can enhance their bond with their pets, leading to a more resilient future for both them and their pets.

Caring for our furry friends is a responsibility and a joy. With SHEVEGA, pet guardians can take the guesswork out of pet nutrition and enjoy a more compassionate, conscious, and sustainable journey with their pets.

References and Source Credits: SHEVEGA Website

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