The Power of Self-Love: Jen’s Journey towards Inner Healing and Wellness

Jen Haddix

From Battling Bipolar Disorder to Empowering Others through Spiritual Healing Modalities

Jen’s journey towards wellness and spiritual healing began when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in 2016. Her life had been an emotional rollercoaster marked by ups and downs that left her with pain and suffering. All that changed when she was introduced to homeopathy and her very first spiritual mentor. Using homeopathic remedies, Jen was able to wean off her bipolar medication and begin her inner healing journey. Now there’s no looking back for her. Jen went on to become a certified yoga teacher. She also delved into sound healing and kirtan chanting and combined these practices with holy fire reiki.

Jen Haddix now uses these powerful healing tools to facilitate healing for others. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and aspiring spiritual business owners do the inner healing work they need to put their most authentic self out into the world. Being a healer, Jen was able to learn that self-care is the key to healing others. This summer, she went on a plant medicine journey to reconnect with her own spiritual practice, and it was incredibly eye-opening.

She wants others to realize that you can start anywhere when it comes to wellness and healing. You do not need to heal overnight, but it takes time to wire your brain to think in a new way. Jen’s advises

Start ANYWHERE. And do not expect yourself to heal overnight. We get to where we are by years of neglect, and it takes a while to wire yourself for new habits, experiences and thought patterns. Let yourself start with even a daily 1 minute meditation, and go from there. Give yourself TONS of grace and love as you embark on your wellness journey. Self love is key. 

Jen believes that we are at a turning point when it comes to wellness and spiritual healing in the US. It is the Age of Aquarius, an age of awakening, and an increasing number of people are realizing that fear and consumerism aren’t serving the sick and hurting population in any way. Natural remedies, energetic healing, and new ways of thinking are gaining popularity.

Jennifer’s story is an inspiration for everyone starting their wellness journey. Through her experiences and the wisdom she obtained over time, she urges others to prioritize their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. With this mindset, anything is possible.

Jen Haddix
Jen Haddix

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