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Priti Singh


In this fast-paced era, where each destination is a canvas waiting to be explored, the journey towards offering unparalleled travel experiences finds its anthem in the inspiring story of Preeti Singh (Founder and Managing Director) With her venture, WORLTA – A WORLD of Travel @ your reach, Preeti has set out on a mission to revolutionize the way we travel, one extraordinary experience at a time.

Over the past two decades, Preeti Singh’s journey in the dynamic service sector and travel industry has been nothing short of remarkable. From her early days in client servicing to embracing the challenges of serving B2C customers and B2B agents/corporate clients, Preeti has amassed invaluable expertise along the way.

One of the defining moments in Preeti’s career involved handling disappointed customers facing visa rejections. Navigating these delicate situations demanded patience, empathy, and effective communication to address concerns and find solutions that put smiles back on faces.

As Preeti’s professional path continued to unfold, she assumed roles involving team management, leadership in management meetings, and the art of handling escalations. Through these experiences, Preeti honed her problem-solving skills and remained steadfast in her commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients, surpassing their expectations.

However, amidst the corporate whirlwind, Preeti nurtured a burning desire to embark on the entrepreneurial journey. She longed to create a venture that could embody her vision of providing travel experiences that transcended boundaries. Thus, WORLTA – A WORLD of Travel @ your reach was born, blossoming under the umbrella brand of INFINIZY.

Preeti’s decision to launch her own venture was fueled by years of hands-on experience, an unwavering passion for customer satisfaction, and the unyielding support of her husband, Prasad Singh Bhui (Chief Executive Officer Of WORLTA – A WORLD of Travel @ your reach). In him, she found the unwavering encouragement and belief that propelled her forward on this exciting new chapter.

Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and family life, Preeti remains undeterred in her pursuit of excellence. She is driven by the determination to offer top-notch services that transcend limits and go beyond customer expectations. With her immense talent, relentless dedication, and the blessings of those who surround her, Preeti is committed to scaling new heights of success with WORLTA, delivering unparalleled quality and service.

In essence, Preeti’s journey from corporate roles to entrepreneurship has been shaped by her indomitable spirit, unwavering dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. She eagerly anticipates the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for WORLTA, remaining steadfast in her commitment to offering unparalleled travel experiences to clients worldwide.

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So, what makes WORLTA stand out from the crowd? Let’s delve into the comprehensive range of travel-related services they provide, catering to diverse needs:

Visa Assistance:

WORLTA guides clients through the intricate process of obtaining visas for international travel, offering unwavering assistance at every step.

Passport Assistance:

Whether it’s renewing an expired passport or obtaining a new one, WORLTA ensures that clients have the essential travel documentation needed for their journeys.

Travel Insurance:

WORLTA provides reliable travel insurance options to safeguard clients against unforeseen events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost baggage.

Foreign Currency Exchange:

Facilitating hassle-free currency exchange services, WORLTA ensures that travelers can obtain foreign currency at competitive rates, eliminating unnecessary worries.

Flight Booking:

WORLTA assists clients in booking flights to destinations worldwide, offering a wide array of options to suit individual preferences and budgets.

Holiday Packages:

With a keen eye for detail, WORLTA curates tailor-made holiday packages, offering ready-made itineraries and experiences that cater to different interests and preferences.

Corporate Travel:

WORLTA specializes in managing business travel arrangements, negotiating corporate rates, and offering expense management solutions to cater to the specific needs of corporate clients.

Leisure Travel:

For leisure travelers, WORLTA provides personalized assistance in planning and booking vacations, ensuring unforgettable and hassle-free experiences.

With its diverse array of services, WORLTA aims to meet the travel needs of individuals and businesses alike, making travel planning and execution seamless and convenient. So, why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary with WORLTA?

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