Unlocking the Power of the Harmonic Egg: Transformative Wellness at Harmonic Wellness Centre

Kathleen Haase Founder Of Harmonic Wellness Centre


In a world where Western medicine often takes center stage, Kathleen Haase, the visionary owner and founder of Harmonic Wellness Centre in Calgary, AB, Canada, invites individuals on a different path to health and well-being. Armed with her own personal healing journey, Kathleen established this sanctuary of alternative therapies and practices to empower individuals towards holistic healing. Her center offers a safe and nurturing space where ancient knowledge and cutting-edge modalities converge, paving the way for rejuvenation and harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.

Kathleen’s journey began in 2018 when she sought answers to her persistent abdominal pains. Frustrated by the lack of clarity from mainstream medicine, she turned to alternative healing practices such as Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture, and naturopathy. This exploration not only led her to a diagnosis of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), but it also marked the inception of her spiritual voyage. Kathleen became an energy medicine practitioner, honing her skills in Reiki, Angelic Healing, and Shamanic Healing techniques. Through her center, she now guides others towards unlocking their own healing potential, illuminating a path that transcends the limitations of Western medicine.

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At Harmonic Wellness Centre, a team of skilled practitioners works hand-in-hand to provide a comprehensive range of complementary modalities. Among them is Bailee Comstock, a gifted Nutritional Holistic Consultant specializing in helping women with hormone imbalances through nutrition rather than medications. Statistics show that hormone imbalances affect millions of women across the country, making Bailee’s expertise invaluable in restoring balance and well-being.

Harmonic Wellness Centre

Notably, starting in April 2024, Sydney Bader, a talented Reiki practitioner, will join the center. Using the powerful energy of Universal Reiki, Sydney will contribute to the overall healing and harmony of the body, complementing the diverse range of modalities available.

Amidst this array of healing practices, the Harmonic Egg takes center stage. This unique resonance chamber leverages the power of sound, light, and vibration to amplify individuals’ natural healing capabilities. Tailoring each session to the client’s personal intentions, Kathleen carefully selects the music and light choices for the Harmonic Egg experience. Prior to the session, she conducts a thorough consultation, addressing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each individual. Inside the Harmonic Egg, clients experience a 50-minute session, characterized by 40 minutes of immersive music followed by 10 minutes of serene silence. Afterwards, a brief discussion allows clients to share their experiences, harnessing the power of reflection.

While results may vary for each person, clients frequently report remarkable benefits such as reduced inflammation, improved sleep, balanced nervous systems, decreased stress and anxiety, relief from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), pain alleviation, mental clarity, emotional processing, and the release of trapped emotions.

Harmonic Egg – At Harmonic Wellness Centre

Why the Harmonic Egg, one may ask? Kathleen’s personal journey speaks volumes about the transformative power of this modality. Through the Harmonic Egg, she experienced a multitude of healings, ranging from detoxification to the release of deep-seated emotions. The transformative effects extended to all facets of her being, promoting spiritual growth, physical healing, and a profound sense of emotional liberation. The Harmonic Egg continues to be a catalyst for personal growth and expansion, with each session unveiling new layers of healing. To those who are curious about the Harmonic Egg’s potential, Harmonic Wellness Centre extends an open invitation. Moreover, if you are not in the Calgary area, there are over 140 Harmonic Eggs available worldwide, ensuring accessibility to this profound healing experience.

Explore some of Kathleen’s personal experiences, delving into how she perceives the world as an empath.

Discover stories of clients who have embarked on their own transformative journeys through the Harmonic Egg, and witness how this modality can address specific issues and yield positive outcomes. These inspiring testimonials can be found here harmoniceggtestimonials, offering tangible evidence of the Harmonic Egg profound impact. 

For those in the Calgary area, mention this article to avail of a special offer: your first session at a discounted rate of $95. Book your session directly through the website or reach out to the team at

By embarking on this holistic journey, you allow yourself to tap into the boundless potential of healing, transcending conventional limitations and embracing a harmonious existence.  

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