Yoga for Better Sleep – 5 Relaxing Poses to Sleep Through the Night

Get Restorative Sleep with Simple Yoga Poses for a Clear Mind

Do you ever find yourself struggling to sleep well? Maybe you feel restless, anxious, or overwhelmed with the day’s stresses. Well, good news! Before-bed yoga might be the solution to your sleeping woes. The gentle physical movement and calming principles of yoga can promote a deep and restorative sleep.

A yoga therapist at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, restorative yoga is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for people coping with the stresses of COVID-19. Studies have found that yoga, practiced at any time of day, can significantly improve sleep quality.

Before trying these five gentle poses, set the stage for sleep by relaxing your mind with a simple gratitude exercise.  practicing the exercise, which involves thinking about three good things that happened to you that day. It helps alleviate worry and get you into a positive mindset that contributes to relaxation.

Yoga Belly Breathing

This simple breathing exercise can be done lying down. It helps to trigger physiological changes that slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and ease muscle tension.

Range of Motion Sequence – Move your joints through their full range of motion to release tension and bring attention to your body sensations.

Knee Hug

This pose helps relieve low back pain, one of the most common reasons for poor sleep quality.

Shoulder Shrug

Release the tension in your neck and shoulders from sitting at your desk all day.

Corpse Pose

This relaxing pose helps you release physical and emotional tensions and helps promote a state of relaxed alertness that encourages restful sleep.

Carol recommended that these poses can be done individually or in sequences. Remember to be gentle and attentive to your body’s needs.

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