Rae Moss: A Journey of Healing and Transformation

The Transformative Power of Healing: A Journey with Rae Moss

In a world where the pursuit of holistic wellness has garnered immense attention, there are individuals who stand out as beacons of hope and healing.

One such remarkable individual is Rae Moss, acclaimed novelist and bestselling author, embarked on an extraordinary journey that led her from the realm of storytelling to the profound depths of spiritual healing. Her path was not one of mere curiosity but born out of necessity – a necessity to heal, to understand, and to transcend the confines of physical pain and suffering.

For over two decades, Rae’s pen crafted tales that captivated readers’ imaginations. Yet, it wasn’t until she faced her own battle with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – a debilitating condition that left her wheelchair-bound and in relentless agony – that Rae truly grasped the profound power of energy healing and holistic practices. This pivotal moment ignited within her a fervent pursuit of spiritual understanding and healing modalities.


Her journey of personal transformation and dedication to empowering others through healing is a testament to the limitless potential of the mind, body, and spirit.

Through her work, Rae recognizes the interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. As such, she utilizes a bio-psycho-social-spiritual (BPSS) approach to care, a model widely recognized among healthcare professionals and researchers. This comprehensive approach enables her to address the complex needs of her clients, fostering profound transformation and growth. Rae emerged as a beacon of light in the realm of holistic healing and energy work. Drawing from ancient traditions and her Northern European ancestry, she offers shamanic healing sessions rooted in the Core and Norse/Nordic Seiðkona tradition.

Rae’s commitment to ongoing learning and growth is evident in her array of credentials and memberships. From advanced shamanic practitioner programs to Reiki certifications, she constantly hones her expertise to better serve her clients. Additionally, she remains closely connected with esteemed communities such as the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the Society for Shamanic Practice.

The testimonials of those whose lives have been positively impacted by Rae’s healing touch are a true testament to her remarkable abilities.

Angela Chan, a grateful client, shares, “‘Rae is for real! I had the privilege of sharing an hour with her on a Shamanic journey…Rae provided detailed explanations on every step of the journey. At no time did I feel lost or fearful. Having a way with words, she conveyed all that she “saw” & “experienced” in an extremely detailed and concise manner. She provided confirmation and encouragement for my spiritual development which I needed at a time of self-doubt…You are truly gifted.’

Embracing technology, Rae has a digital presence that allows individuals from all corners of the world to access her services and learn from her wisdom. Her official website, The Spirit of Healing, serves as a gateway to her transformative work, providing detailed information on her various offerings, training, and background.


Central to Rae’s approach is the recognition that true healing encompasses more than just physical ailments; it involves the nurturing of the mind, body, and spirit. Her services extend beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing sacred candle vigils, birth rune readings, and compassionate support as a certified Funeral Celebrant. With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and diversity, Rae ensures that her healing space is welcoming to all, regardless of race, gender, ability, or sexual orientation.

In her own words, Rae advocates for the importance of prioritizing one’s holistic well-being. She emphasizes the significance of carving out time for personal healing and self-care amidst the chaotic rhythms of modern life. Through the lens of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model, Rae guides her clients towards a profound reconnection with their innate wisdom and spiritual essence. For her, healing is not merely a journey of recovery but a sacred odyssey of self-discovery and transformation.

As Rae Moss illuminates the path to healing, she invites others to embrace the sacred within themselves, embodying the spirit of resilience, courage, and profound inner growth.



Credits: thespiritofhealing

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